A Post Full of FUN!

February 25, 2007

Lots to talk about today:


Not word yet, expecting it to go out next week.

Granado Espada:  

Having problems getting it running, so I am yet to play it.

Dungeon Runners: 

Just got into the beta, yet to play it.


I made an entery for a  Gaming World event called ALEX. Its a short rpg featurning the works of 29 extremely talented individuals. Well, words from the event organizer himself:

ALEX : A Two Days Collaborative Game, ALEX, or A.L.E.X for short from now on, since the full title is a hell of a mouthful, is a lot of things. (download at the bottom)

It is the final part of a collaborative epic that at its’ conclusion will be at least 2 days in the making. It is GW’s magnum opus, our greatest achievement as game makers and is a farewell letter to the game making community. It is the product of the hard work of not just myself, but a team of 29 extremely talented individuals. It will also, I hope, be the first truly great RM2K3 game, the first ‘killer app’ for the engine. My hopes for the project are obscenely high, my ambitions huge. It is the culmination of all what we’ve been working for in 2 days. And with any luck, it’ll be a lot of fun!

Check it out:


NOTE: In my entry I had a small math error, use 8648 insted of what it really is.


I’ve been enjoying my time back with WoW. Currently a level 22 BE mage on the Blood Furnace server.


I decided to write this article for the sole purpose of showing off my stupidity. It’s a bit of a long story I’ll start from the top!

I was talking to my mother yesterday about money, my lack of it actually. I was trying to come up with ways to earn some fast cash without getting a job (Trying to focus 100% on school at the moment.) We got to talking and then my mom said “Wait, what about all that money you inherited?”….. Yeah. You see, a few years ago my grandmother passes away. I, being her only grandson, got a little something left for me. I came to visit her quite a lot and she always gave me little gifts, but this was a reasonably large amount of cash, and I totally forgot I had it. I don’t actually have my own personal bank account, every time I think of getting one my mother talks me out of it, as any money I make is generally pissed away within the week, it’d be a waste. She kept the money in her bank account until I really need a bank account. So naturally I forgot about it being there. So now I have cash, and life is good.

My first purchase was an Xbox 360, I’ve been thinking about purchasing one for quite some time, and not that I have I can safely say they are worth the money if you plan on splurging for a Live gold account. I also plan on getting back on the World of WarCrack. Yeah, I know I sold my account but that also have a very interesting story attached to it.

My buddy who bought the account’s grades have been dropping as of late. He obsesses over WoW, its just not healthy. After a bit of an intervention with his parents he decided to give it all up. His parents said they wanted him to get rid of the game, so he passes the game back to me, expansion and all. I did give him the money he payed for the account back, plus what he paid for the expansion, I’m a good person =).

Ayup… that’s about it. on to Beta News!

Recently Granado Espada closed beta invites recently went out, I’d guess to anyone who signed up. I mean, I never really posed on the site and I only registered in like, December. So I don’t think they were all that picky.

for those who don’t know Granado Espada is…. some Korean game with alot of hype. It’s one of the top hyped games at mmorpg.com, which is no easy task for any game! It looks a bit like Final Fantasy 12, and you play as 3 characters or something… I don’t really remember. It you want to know check out their site:


Anyways, no word on the stalker beta, I’m guessing it’ll start next week, no official word though.


Ciao, World of Warcraft!

January 11, 2007

So, today I made a fast $10. My friend ask if he could purchase my old WoW account today, he offered me $10, not even what I pay a month for the game. Not to mention the cost of the collectors edition and time I put into it. Yet I accepted. When I really thought about it, $10 is worth it, just to get that darn game outta my sight.

World of Warcraft was a great game, I played for almost two years straight, one day I just couldn’t do it anymore. when I started playing WoW I rolled a ‘lock. They sounded like the closest thing I would get to a Necromancer but it just wasn’t for me. Then I rolled my Troll Hunter, by far my favorite character.

What made him great? What made me want to play the game every day? Well, it’s hard to say. I wanted to keep up with my guild, who leveled at a quick pace, as did I (not without investing a lot of time into the game.) I loved the game and had fun playing it, no more no less.

My guild was the greatest. We had everyone you could imagine: A guy that went to prison, a homosexual, some girls (omg!), a great leader, one mage that got some /spit’s every time he went into org and many more. I fit into the guild, I wasn’t just another person, people knew me, and it felt great! The fact that everyone had probably done an instance like, say, SM 40 or so times but we managed to make it fun. Sometimes we’dget the take to go armorless (oh jesus that was such a bad idea) or just make some 6+ mod pulls. It was all for fun, we wern’t trying to make any enemies.

My guild got fairly well known on the server (lots of drama and whatnot) and we stuck true to our endgame goals. Endgame was fun, but one day I was about to log on, but I really just couldn’t. Endgame was no where near as fun as that thrill leveling game me, I was part of something and I had a guild of people I could relate to, unlike my RL friends, we really are not alike, we just hang out. So I left, rolled alts, had some good moments but the thrill of playing my Hunter just wouldn’t return. Then it hit me, I just didn’t have a good enough guild. Every guild I joined after my hunter was ether too small, or just suffered from bad leadership. Heck, sometimes the guild just didn’t have the right kind of people.

I went back to my hunter one faithful day, I rejoined my guild and hooked up with whoever had continued playing, mabye only 1/3 of my old guild, mostly the more harcore people. Some of my better friends were still there and had fun playing with them, but still, that endgame brick wall screwed me up and three weeks later I was gone. I guess just coming back and leaving was kinda stupid, but I don’t think anyone minded.

I won’t be playing BC, because I don’t think those 10 levels are what I need right now, I need a break. I just can’t play mmo’s right now, I am damn tired.


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