Not Dead XD

April 4, 2007

No, I’m not dead. If you’re curious why I havn’t updated it’s because I have nothing to say :(. There has been a bit of a lull in the mmo market as of late. I don’t really feel like “hyping” games, most games I really get interested in let me down. I just check release dates from time to time, that’s about it.

I think I may get Guitar Hero for the Xbox 360 when that comes out. Nothing much going on = / Oh, I did pick up STALKER recently, the beta even I mentioned never happened, but it is a good game. You can’t really enjoy it unless you make an effort to do so, you need to play with the settings and work around some crashing problems. Besides that it is a solid game, worth it if you have a decent pc and some free time.



Yep… Nothing

February 13, 2007

Well, it’s been awhile guys. No, I haven’t been getting lazy; I just have nothing to talk about. Currently, I’m not participating in any betas, so yeah, nothing much for me to report on.

There is going to be a S.T.A.L.K.E.R beta later this month, seeing as I am a Fileplanet member, I’ll be participating and reporting on that.