I decided to write this article for the sole purpose of showing off my stupidity. It’s a bit of a long story I’ll start from the top!

I was talking to my mother yesterday about money, my lack of it actually. I was trying to come up with ways to earn some fast cash without getting a job (Trying to focus 100% on school at the moment.) We got to talking and then my mom said “Wait, what about all that money you inherited?”….. Yeah. You see, a few years ago my grandmother passes away. I, being her only grandson, got a little something left for me. I came to visit her quite a lot and she always gave me little gifts, but this was a reasonably large amount of cash, and I totally forgot I had it. I don’t actually have my own personal bank account, every time I think of getting one my mother talks me out of it, as any money I make is generally pissed away within the week, it’d be a waste. She kept the money in her bank account until I really need a bank account. So naturally I forgot about it being there. So now I have cash, and life is good.

My first purchase was an Xbox 360, I’ve been thinking about purchasing one for quite some time, and not that I have I can safely say they are worth the money if you plan on splurging for a Live gold account. I also plan on getting back on the World of WarCrack. Yeah, I know I sold my account but that also have a very interesting story attached to it.

My buddy who bought the account’s grades have been dropping as of late. He obsesses over WoW, its just not healthy. After a bit of an intervention with his parents he decided to give it all up. His parents said they wanted him to get rid of the game, so he passes the game back to me, expansion and all. I did give him the money he payed for the account back, plus what he paid for the expansion, I’m a good person =).

Ayup… that’s about it. on to Beta News!

Recently Granado Espada closed beta invites recently went out, I’d guess to anyone who signed up. I mean, I never really posed on the site and I only registered in like, December. So I don’t think they were all that picky.

for those who don’t know Granado Espada is…. some Korean game with alot of hype. It’s one of the top hyped games at mmorpg.com, which is no easy task for any game! It looks a bit like Final Fantasy 12, and you play as 3 characters or something… I don’t really remember. It you want to know check out their site:


Anyways, no word on the stalker beta, I’m guessing it’ll start next week, no official word though.




January 24, 2007

Well, today I was getting ready to place my pre-order on Vanguard, when something occured to me, I’m broke. I just don’t have the scratch currently to be paying for a game, monthly at that. Perhaps soon I’ll get back into the swing and earn some cash, but till then I guess Iwill go mmo-less.

On to more pressing matter:

I got a LoTR online stress-test invitation today! Thus, I plan on writing a small article on it this weekend.


Happy 300 Views!

January 14, 2007



 Well, just a short week ago I started this blog with the intention of reporting on Vanguard beta, and hopefully many more beta tests to come. Today I reached 300 views (woot) and I am feeling pretty proud! Considering I’m no great writer and am only a week or so old, I consider this a great feat, but really I may be doing terrible =). Not much to report as of now, working up a VG tweak guide and a revised crafting guide. There is more in the works though, never fear!