June 2, 2007

Well, it sure is good to be back! I was moving last week, finally got my Internet up (I won’t go into details on how bloody long it took…) but regardless. A world without Internet is an odd one though, I can’t just Google a problem, I really had to use my head. I’ve only been playing old RPGs that I found on my system (Well, they aren’t ANCIENT but old nonetheless.) Arcanum, Fallout, Bauldr’s Gate, etc. It has been fun, but now I need to get back into my online games (Woop!)

To my surprise, two betas were ready for me upon my return, Fury and Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn. I’m going to be playing Fury this weekend and will report my findings. As for UO, I always wanted to play this game as a child, but no card = no fun and I couldn’t find a pay to play card (Did they even have these?) Now, after all these years, UO is finally getting a paint job, and I welcome it. I never got to play the game of old; this should be a great time to start.

I am amazed it is already done though; it seems like only a few months ago they announced their plan to revamp it, and now it’s already in beta, time sure flies….



Vanguard, Almost Here?

January 4, 2007

Well, I decided to settle for using a blog, for the sake of ease of use. WordPress was recommended so I decided it would have to work for me!

But anyways…..

As it currently stands, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes open beta is rumored to begin on the 4th. Well, rumor has it the beta 5 patch drops tonight and if all goes as planned the NDA will be dropped tomorrow and the open beta will begin! Before I continue I’ll link to the only real proof there is about whats about to go down, it’s been strongly implied by forum mods/other websites but this is the best quote I have:

“OK here are the transcripts from SOE live chat support concerning 2 questions. the first was about the patch size…which I got no answer at all…the second is about OPEN BETA Start Date:
TSR Sam K.:Hi, my name is TSR Sam K.. One moment please, while I read your question.
You: ok
TSR Sam K.: The rest of the contents should be downloaded when the beta opens.
You: So there will be a 9gig plus download after launch or most of this will come with the full version of the game?
TSR Sam K.: Well, you have to wait till the beta opens to check the size of the game files.
You: Yes..I understand..the problem is there is now way I can download 9 gig of data in less than 4 days…If downloading this content is the only way to get it…then I will have to make other arrangements to get that download…but if say I go and buy the full version after launch will the game files contain the other 9+gig of data?
TSR Sam K.: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
TSR Sam K.: Unfortunately, I’m not sure about this. You may wait till the game launches.
You: One last question- is there a date for Open beta/beta 5 yet?
TSR Sam K.: Expected date for beta is 4th January 2007.
You: Thank you
TSR Sam K.: Anything else I can help you with?
You: Thats all…thanks again
So for me it is confirmed…take this info as you will.”

(FilePlanet had the date up earlier, but it was removed)

It seems they want to keep the date hush-hush. I assume because if they game a date and it was wrong they would have hordes of angry people on their hands, considering how many people have spent so long looking forward to and anticipating this game. Well anyways when the beta does drop I plan of doing an in-depth analysis of it to find the good and bad.

 I still have one thing to decide, what class to play. Assuming Berserker and Inquisitor are closed off till post launch, this is probably my list of classes to test:

  •   Ranger (I’m a big fan of ranged fighters and want to see how ranger will pan out)
  • Dread Knight (I want to see if they can really tank, or if the Warrior will be the only real tank)
  • Bard (The creation of songs sounds really awesome)
  • Monk (Sounds like an interesting class)
  • Necromancer (A personal favorite)
  • I’ll probably end up playing all the classes during beta to find my favorite….

Well, thanks for reading, I’ll do a beta update tomorrow if it does/dosn’t launch.

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 Other S**t of note:

1. I was browsing the official Vanguard forums today, and I found an interesting post about being able to run Vanguard check the link for more info:

2. I felt I should mention a hl2 mod I’ve been playin’ latley called Pirates vs. Vikings vs. Knights. Its a pretty awesome game and worth a look 



– Radical