June 2, 2007

Well, it sure is good to be back! I was moving last week, finally got my Internet up (I won’t go into details on how bloody long it took…) but regardless. A world without Internet is an odd one though, I can’t just Google a problem, I really had to use my head. I’ve only been playing old RPGs that I found on my system (Well, they aren’t ANCIENT but old nonetheless.) Arcanum, Fallout, Bauldr’s Gate, etc. It has been fun, but now I need to get back into my online games (Woop!)

To my surprise, two betas were ready for me upon my return, Fury and Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn. I’m going to be playing Fury this weekend and will report my findings. As for UO, I always wanted to play this game as a child, but no card = no fun and I couldn’t find a pay to play card (Did they even have these?) Now, after all these years, UO is finally getting a paint job, and I welcome it. I never got to play the game of old; this should be a great time to start.

I am amazed it is already done though; it seems like only a few months ago they announced their plan to revamp it, and now it’s already in beta, time sure flies….



Our Compliments Classes

After playing LOTRO for the last few days, the only thing that REALLY bugs me is that the classes feel bland. Perhaps it’s the lack of magic that is keeping it down, but they all feel so generic. Warrior, ranger, mage, priest, etc. etc. They have a bit of sugar coating, but really, lore master is just a mage with some careful wordplay and ideas, nothing REALLY is different. The same goes for the Minstrel, change some words and effects, you got a different class that fits with lore.

I guess it isn’t that the classes are bad, just very by-the-book. Nothing too spectacular, I guess I was just hoping for the classes to stand out more. This makes it very hard to pick a class; usually I can pick the class that feels right for me in a few minutes. With LOTRO I just pick something and play, if I like it I like it, If I don’t, I don’t. This was probably the main reason I hesitated on picking up the game, I wasn’t sure what I would play. My most recent exploits do include a Hobbit Burglar and a Human Champion.

I didn’t mind the Hobbit, but stealth classes have never been my strong suit. If anything, it was the Hobbit starting area that drove me to insanity. It was fun at first, with many fun and interesting quests like hide and seek and delivering mail, but…. After awhile it got tedious, and I was begging for something to kill. I know there are quests that require me to kill stuff, but I would have needed the traits. I didn’t really want to do all the quests or move to another area because I didn’t really like the class, so that was the end of that.

Next up was Champion, my new favorite class. It’s basically a berserker, strong, fast and reckless I end up taking more damage from a monster, but I end them so fast it makes up the difference. I find dual wielding swords works best, as they get +hit, which is nice for a fast attacking character when every hit counts.

(NOTE: Our Complements is a generic food brand, I know we have it here in Ontario, I’m not sure about the rest of the world)

Lost in Translation

May 5, 2007

Lost in Translation

After some careful thought, I’m going to stop doing the “LOTRO Log.” Well, stop calling it that. I’m not doing day-to-day updates on every shit I take, I just feel like talking more about the general feel of things in the game. That’s all really.

*Back to our regular scheduled programming*

After finally warping out of the “Beginner Area” I set off on my valiant journey today. By beginner area I am of course referring to where the game dumps you after the opening instance tutorial. In this area you are pretty much cut-off from the rest of the game world. I’m not sure whether or not I like this system. It’s hard to form an opinion on something so trivial, but I know I have one, DEAP DOWN inside of me.

This is beside the point though; I am still enjoying my Guardian. He dispatches mobs with relative ease, probably faster than my Minstrel at this level (I imagine this wouldn’t change, even if both characters were at 50, I could be wrong though.) Anyways, just walking through the fields (Of snow : /) and enjoying the flurry of snowflakes flying across my screen is a rather impressive experience. Unlike ye-old “White balls” raining down from the sky, these are fully formed, realistic, snowflakes (What a world we live in. And yes, I did just write a paragraph about how awesome the show is in LOTRO keke.)

I did run across a “Riddle quest” I suppose you could call it. I had to go find some gears to open a door for some guy, or something silly like that. Anyways, upon finding the first chest (He told me where this one was) I received the gear, and a piece of paper, with a riddle on it. “Oh fuck,” I thought to myself, “I suck at riddles.” And it’s true, I do, I probably couldn’t riddle my way out of a paper bag (Actually, I usually just don’t give enough of a shit to figure these things out. When I AM in the mood, I am fairly good at “Teh puzzlin’.”

On the other hand, I think puzzles and riddles are great in online games. If they are especially hard, people will band together in a team effort to solve them (I call it the “Myst Effect.”) I guess Myst online is all about that, which is actually a pretty good idea in retrospect. Without combat of some kind, I would probably loose interest fairly fast, I guess that is just the way I roll. Back on topic though, if a game had a lot of “skill testing” (Not REALLY hard, they just require more than a passing glance to solve) quests, if would be fairly easy to find the “sheep” as I call them. The stupid people, that can’t do anyways for themselves and require a website like thottbot or allakhazam to figure it out. They aren’t all bad people, but the people who require these websites to “Find the inn” or some shit usually need to be weeded out.

Another thing I have been thinking about lately are games from overseas. Korea, Japan or really…. Asia as a whole seems to be much different from what I am used to, but all the actual MMOs from Asia are the same, Hrm. Well, before I continue let me tell you have this all came about. I was doing some research on freeservers lately (Servers hosted not by the company that developed the game that are available to be played for free, not a bad idea.) In the process of doing so I thought I would check up on the Lineage ][ freeserver I once played on, and I got to thinking “Lineage ][ really wasn’t for me, it had far too much grinding…. Like most Asian MMORPGs.” Golly, I suppose you learn something every day. I suppose in Asia, people are much easily entertained. I don’t think Americans (or Canadians in my case. Europeans for that matter) are too demanding. We just want a fun MMO, that is all. Hell, people still bitch in masses for SWG to be brought back, which is an old game that has since died (In my eyes at least.) But lets not start bashing SOE now, I need sleep :D.

Translating a game from an Asian market to an American market would be a daunting task. Considering the basic game play of these Asian games in considered boring and inferior by most here, mostly because the games lack depth. Not to mention the actual language translation, oh god. Only the larges of budget Asian games get good translations (You would think, considering most of these games like to boast millions of people already playing the game in Asia they would get better translations. Oh wait, I guess they are free games they couldn’t be making a mint, perhaps I’m just too demanding.)

Asia is just plain different. When I watch dubbed anime, compared to the subbed stuff with Japanese voices, it’s just plain terrible! Urg, it may not even be the fact that the voice actors suck, the lines just sound so much more normal in Japanese, the translated version sounds pretty stupid. With the subs they still speak Japanese you just know what they’re saying. Does it make it any less stupid? Probably not, but it sounds much more natural.

Now then, I need some god damn sleep : /.

Posing (Surig) 2

 “Feeding the Animals is a Bad Idea”



May 4, 2007

Day 2:
The Movie Experience”

Well, day two and I’m taking it head on. When I got home, I was itching to play some LOTRO but…. When I got to my computer, I remembered that a new patch went live today, boo. I wasn’t looking forward to updating; I wasn’t sure what the wait would be like though I ended up surprised! I had left the LOTRO launch pad on and it had updated for me :D. Anyways, I know WoW required the game to launch for the game to patch, now, if I know a patch is coming, I just leave the launcher on and it will update, quite the nice feature.

Anyways, today I wanted to try a new class on for size, Minstrel wasn’t my cup of tea. So I decided I would roll a more combat-oriented class, namely the Guardian. Then I had to decide what race. I came to the conclusion that Dwarf was the only way. Dwarves have always been really, really badass in my eyes. They’re tough little buggers and grumpy most of the time, expect when they’re drunk/killing shit, then they are jolly and goodhearted. Plus they hold grudges a long time, like, ages (I still have grudges against people from back when I was in Grade 2.) Mind you, I might be mixing lore from different games, but in my eyes what I just described to you is what dwarves should be. Also, they need really pimpin’ beards {This is a must}.


Surig (Thursday, May 03, 2007)

 “What a Pimp!”

The dwarves land is covered in snow, but nonetheless still looks amazing, with careful attention to detail. The beginning dwarf instance was especially fun, with Gimli and Gandalf both making appearances. I played through the starting area; there isn’t much to say. The quests are mildly interesting but not enough to hold my interest. When the “epic storyline” quests roll around, the game picks up, and is usually exciting. I could only with the whole game was such an exciting experience. Though I suppose the creators are only human *sigh*. Anyways, so far, I wish the interface was resizable, as some thing are a tad too tiny for me, I’m sure this will roll around eventually.

Combat (Surig) 1

 “If anything I Just Want Larger Buff Icons : /”

Anyways, I can only hope turbine gets a large patch out with many fixes. I know that many things are coming soon in a patch, but will they all come at once. If most of these problems to get fixed asap, Turbine will get a standing ovation from me, for working so hard and getting all this shit fixed, it’s no easy feat.

Posing (Surig) 1

 “Being Productive”

I wish I could post some screenshots but I can’t find where they are stored on my pc :(.



Damnit, nevermind….

So, I decided to pick up LOTRO seeing as I have been needing some MMO in my system, anyways, here are my feeling from the first day:

Shadows of Angmar

Day 1:

Well, it was a long day. Back with the groceries and damn, am I tired (It’s seven floors worth of stairs and elevators are for the weak. Get off my back.) I’ve done some research and I’m planning on rolling a Minstrel on the Gladden server (For a number of reasons, mistrals are apparently of shot supply on this server, and I feel like rolling one, so hey :] ) So it’s time to start, luckily I got the DVD copy of the game (Assuming they do make a CD version) because there is no damn way I would wait around to get that 8 or so disk install done (Takes 2 DVDs for this friggin’ game, sheesh.) Anyways, the installation was clean and the account setup was smooth as silk, probably the best I have ever seen. They had a host of payment options because, much like World of Warcraft, I assume they want people who wouldn’t generally be able to play an MMO (No credit card for instance) play it. Now I wait :[.

And then it was done! So, time to boot it up and then…. God damn…. Stupid updates…. More waiting, Yahoo! ^___^. Anyways, the updater notifies you when it’s done, so go play some flash games to kill a few seconds, but now it’s done!

Anyways, after configuring my firewall (>__>) and updating my GFX card drivers (I always thought they updated themselves, I dunno why, but I did.) Anyways, I had to make a character first off, with a choice of: Man, Elf, Hobbit and Dwarf. I went with Man, it was down to Elf or Man, but I can’t stand elves so Man it is! Yeah, Man has –8 to the mana stat (Or whatever they call it in LOTRO) but it isn’t a big deal for me, even though I am rolling a mana-dependant character.

Anyways, I started off in some form of jail, seems I had been captured! Well, boo. And, of course when I magically escaped from the prison (I was playing with the options so I didn’t see what happened then, I think there was some story behind how the door opens and shit, but meh.) Anyways, I had to go rescue sum Hobbits, perfect, that’s all my day needs! Damn Hobbits need to help themselves! Though, to progress the quest I didn’t have a choice so off I went. The combat is pretty much Warcraft, Everquest or Lineage not much innovation in the respect, I wasn’t expecting much though.

Anyways, after kicking some ass and taking some names I arrived at a gate with my Hobbit friends. The ranger/warrior/whatever guy I met at the beginning of the game was about to get his ass kicked by a Wring Wraith, get the popcorn : ]. Seriously though, the mood this scene set was amazing. With flashes of the Dark Lords Eye-thing on the screen and all the fire/swirling darkness it really set the mood for the game. It set aside my fears of the game being boring. I think turbine is aiming for a very “cinematic” game, and they have succeeded in my eyes.

After this bit of fun I was taken to town, the ranger/warrior guy was injured my the morgul(??) blade and sent me off on some walking quests, the actual fighting and delivery quests were from the other villagers, the side-quests if you will. The main quest line in this starting area was pretty much go to person, develop story and repeat, though I was interested enough in what was happening that it didn’t put me to sleep, a good sign.

Anyways, after I took the main quest line as far as I could I was sent into another instanced mission. This time the bandits that had been ravaging the countryside were attacking the town, and I had to step up in its defense (naturally.) Anywyas, more cool scenes, I won’t share any details, but it was fun and the boss fight was reasonably challenging for a single person, but I was fine.

So far, LOTRO seems like a great alternative to WoW in ever respect. The graphics are a nice change and the combat is sticking to a known formula. The epic feel they were aiming for, in my opinion, was achieved and I wish Turbine the best of luck.

Anyways, that is about all I have to say for now. What will make or break this game is how well Turbine handles the problems people have with the game. If I may use an example: People were bitching about farming being a moneysink, so it gets a review. Seems like good service to me ^__^. Anyways, as long as they don’t let theit heads get too far up their own asses and listed to the players, they’ll be fine!



May 1, 2007

GunZ (Note the capital ‘Z’): THE DUEL

  The Duel

What is it?

GunZ is a simple game, made by MAIET entertainment, which I assume is either a company from Asia, or the company that translated the game from its original language. Anyway, as you may have gathered GunZ was originally an Asian game (Probably Korean, I don’t particularly care.) And, well I believe their website ( says it best:

“Have you ever dreamt of becoming a cool character or hero, like you see in movies, animations, and games?

GunZ is an online game that enables you to realize such a dream! GunZ is not your ordinary gunz fighting game. It allows you to imitate a famous hero, create your own fashion style, and perform a number of different actions such as shooting or stabbing whilst running and jumping on the walls.

What makes GunZ ever better than other games is the fact that the game is available online to all users! In addition, GunZ is 100% FREE to play.”

It appears to be some kind of bastardized RPG/Adventure/FPS/F2P MMO. Sounds like fun :). Anyways, moving on……


How does it look? How do all 100% free Asian online games look? To be honest it looks fine, the graphics can be a tad jagged at times and beg for some anti aliasing. The characters start off rather bland in terms of looks, like many Asian games you need to invest a few hours of your life into it before you aren’t wearing an undershirt and pants. Once you do however, your character will begin to get their own look, and there are sometimes multiple pieces of gear with the same requirements and stats but look drastically different, which is a welcome thing in my eyes. Between gender, weapons and clothing, you should be able to stand out in the “crowd.”

Speaking of weapons, the game (as you would expect from a combat game) has a wealth of weapons that all handle differently. Using a dagger is a much different experience from wielding dual katana, both of which have their purposes. The gunz (hoho) in the game are fairly standard: Dual Uzi, Assault Rifle, Rocket Launcher and whatever you would expect in a normal FPS, though this isn’t an FPS, it actually takes place from a 3rd person perspective.

The character customization options are limited, but better than the average Korean crapfest. You pick a gender and face/hair/something I don’t remember. Anyway each changeable option offers 4 different options, not the greatest, but then you get to choose your weapon load out, which should let you stand out from the pack, it really isn’t much, but it is home… er… it’s good enough for me.

The level design is also pretty average. You got your factory level, your island level, your mansion/house/thing level, an arena level, a prison level…. Another prison level… Erm…. Anyway, it doesn’t really bother me, but some kind of battle on a goddamn ZEPPLIN or some shit (Actually no, I’m keeping that idea) would have been cool, and a nice change. The fact that all the levels are pretty static doesn’t help, if like, dinosaurs or something crazy like that rampaged through the island, that would have been awesome.


GunZ 1


GunZ 2

They Must Have Made This Game High

GunZ 3


 GunZ 4



I never write a lot about sound, because really, what can I say? The game’s actual weapon sounds are great, guns sound like guns, sword sound like swords (Or what I imagine they sound like.) If anything, the background music wasn’t all that great or memorable, but really not many games have music that has GRIPPED me and stayed in my head for years (Goddamn Mario….) it was forgettable, though I must give it the tip of the hat for having better-than-the-average-beargame music.


The game play is what this game gets right (And all it has going for it really.) It’s action packed and simple, just the way I like it. It uses a WASD (Thank god!) control system and works very well. Jumping at walls lets you flip off or run up them, you can run at them at an angle to walk along the wall, fun stuff. GunZ is all about action, thus the game has to be fast paced. You won’t live long unless you keep moving, and move you shall.

After you pick your character and enter the game, you need to either make or join a game. Making a game is relatively easy, and shouldn’t flex the old brain muscles. Or you could just join one. The game has many modes like death match, team death match, well… stuff that involves killing each other really. Don’t expect to think much while playing.

That’s about all I can tell you about game play, it is VERY simple. The interface is minimalistic and the shop isn’t really groundbreaking. Pick an item, see if you can use it and have enough money, then buy it and equip it.


I like this game, it isn’t as dull as most Korean MMOs and packed full of action and actually worth playing. I’d recommend it if you’re up for something new and exciting, but want a bit of mmo on the side. Have fun!

I decided to write this article for the sole purpose of showing off my stupidity. It’s a bit of a long story I’ll start from the top!

I was talking to my mother yesterday about money, my lack of it actually. I was trying to come up with ways to earn some fast cash without getting a job (Trying to focus 100% on school at the moment.) We got to talking and then my mom said “Wait, what about all that money you inherited?”….. Yeah. You see, a few years ago my grandmother passes away. I, being her only grandson, got a little something left for me. I came to visit her quite a lot and she always gave me little gifts, but this was a reasonably large amount of cash, and I totally forgot I had it. I don’t actually have my own personal bank account, every time I think of getting one my mother talks me out of it, as any money I make is generally pissed away within the week, it’d be a waste. She kept the money in her bank account until I really need a bank account. So naturally I forgot about it being there. So now I have cash, and life is good.

My first purchase was an Xbox 360, I’ve been thinking about purchasing one for quite some time, and not that I have I can safely say they are worth the money if you plan on splurging for a Live gold account. I also plan on getting back on the World of WarCrack. Yeah, I know I sold my account but that also have a very interesting story attached to it.

My buddy who bought the account’s grades have been dropping as of late. He obsesses over WoW, its just not healthy. After a bit of an intervention with his parents he decided to give it all up. His parents said they wanted him to get rid of the game, so he passes the game back to me, expansion and all. I did give him the money he payed for the account back, plus what he paid for the expansion, I’m a good person =).

Ayup… that’s about it. on to Beta News!

Recently Granado Espada closed beta invites recently went out, I’d guess to anyone who signed up. I mean, I never really posed on the site and I only registered in like, December. So I don’t think they were all that picky.

for those who don’t know Granado Espada is…. some Korean game with alot of hype. It’s one of the top hyped games at, which is no easy task for any game! It looks a bit like Final Fantasy 12, and you play as 3 characters or something… I don’t really remember. It you want to know check out their site:

Anyways, no word on the stalker beta, I’m guessing it’ll start next week, no official word though.


Vanguard: Still Going

February 2, 2007

All the patches since launch:

Game Updates January 30,2007Vanguard Patch Notes 1/30/2007

Welcome to Vanguard: Saga of Heroes!

Congratulations! You are now one of the first to witness the exciting, dangerous, and ever-changing world of Telon. Telon is a living world, and like any world its early days is going to be fraught with turbulence. Expect us to have to “patch” any cracks as they appear for the first days.

We know you are excited to explore the world we created for you, and we are equally excited to have you here. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the landscape… enjoy the freedom… of Vanguard.


– Abilities with a harmful component will no longer put other group members in a PvP contest.

– Spells that change form will no longer allow you to switch PvP teams.

– Quest items can no longer be sold to a merchant


– Shaman – Fixed an issue where you could receive your Patron Spirit quests too early causing you to not learn your Spirit Walk ability if completed before level 15. Those shaman who have finished the quests before level 15 should visit any shaman trainer to get their Spirit Walk ability upon reaching level 15. Followers of Tuurgin who have completed the quest line will need to speak to any Shaman Instructor and say “patronfix” to receive the Spirit Walk ability. NOTE: This only applies to those shaman who have completed the Patron Spirit questlines prior to this patch OR who were not yet level 15 when completed.


– The Thestran amateur blacksmith quest now requires only three pairs of sabatons, not four.

– The quest the Artist’s Supplies will now ask for a specific type of quartz jewel.


– The travel journal for “Stop the Calamity” has been updated with the correct location for Norrie Bilstro.

– Fixed issue with “Obtaining the Documents” in which you could speak with the quest targets in the wrong order, requiring you to start over again.

– Telyn Boarmaul will no longer try to kill orcs and goblins who try to take the horse quest from him. Caution in Ca’ail Brael is still advised for greenskin visitors…

– Martok now has Civic Diplomacy for Soldiers and Crafters. Greenskins rejoice!

– Mekalia now has Civic Diplomacy for Crafters. Bring Low the Underking!

– Martok and Mekalia’s Civic Diplomacy Trainers are now turned on and ready to train YOU!

– Graag has been made to heel quite a bit more in the newbie varanthari line. He should be easier to beat.

– The Spiritragers got the hint from Graag and have fallen in line with the others. They should be easier to beat.

– Hubert Ringsworth is no longer a terrifying opponent for young halfling diplomats. And he tells me he loves pumpkin and potato compote.

– Other decks here and there were also altered to make them a little more reasonable to play against. This will be an ongoing process.

– Kev Wematmani has remembered he is of noble blood, and not just a bookworm. He is now a Noble and you can proceed with the Civic Diplomacy Training quest in Khal.

– Increase the Watch now gives out the proper Accuracy buff.

– You should no longer receive double credit for Civic Diplomacy in Hathor Zhi.

– C’estari Erenai as well as many other NPCs have had their decks altered to make them more appropriate opponents. This will be an ongoing process.

– Civic Diplomacy Domestic levers removed from Ca’ail Brael. No Domestics in the city means no need for Domestic levers!

– Greatly decreased the decay rate of Civic Diplomacy levers in all Civic Diplomacy locations. Buffs will remain for a longer period of time as a result.

– There is now a Blackmail, Plots, Trends, and Arcana Informant in Three Rivers/Themnwar’s Shield and Veskal’s Exchange for your information trading needs!

– Apprentice Dalenax no longer does whatever it is gnomes do to not be in line of sight when you are looking right at them.


– Niyuturr’s Scaled Greaves should now be appropriately named.

– Added a bindstone just outside of Tanvu city (PvP’ers rejoice!).

– Moved the altar in Jalen’s Crossing to an area with no NPC’s (and so ended the era of infinite death loops).


– Updated the trade window to color item names and a few other minor fixes.

– Items in a player trade will now show the correct stats and other data.


– Your characters’ server names are now shown in the character select list.

– Items in a bank will now show the correct stats.

– The market brokers will now give proper information about why you can’t place an item on the market.

~The Vanguard Team

Game Updates January 31,2007

Vanguard Patch Notes 1/31/2007

Welcome to Vanguard: Saga of Heroes!

You are now one of the first to witness the exciting, dangerous, and ever-changing world of Telon. Telon is a living world, and like any world its early days are going to be fraught with turbulence. Expect us to have to “patch” any cracks as they appear for the first days.

We know you are excited to explore the world we created for you, and we are equally excited to have you here. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the landscape… enjoy the freedom… of Vanguard.


– A level component has been added to your chance to stealth, sneak and hide. This makes gaining skill much easier.

– The stealth, sneak and hide skill gain rate has been significantly increased.

– Melee AE attacks have had their costs slightly increase.


– The Druid, Necromancer and Psionicist have had there nuke damage increased.

– Bard – Invisibility song components are no longer maintained.

– Bard – Slightly lowered the movement increase for Tynen’s Components.

– Psionicist – Thought Pulse now has a 4 second refresh timer.

– Psionicist – Mirage is no longer a maintained ability.

– Shaman – Removed two abilities from the Rakurr (wolf) pet that were not intended.

– Shaman – Skin of Rakurr now grants 8% chance to crit instead of 108%.

– Shaman – Skin of Rakurr should now modify chance to crit for auto attack, too.

– Shaman – Skin of Rakurr’s movement speed bonus should no longer stack with other movement speed buffs.

– Shaman – Skin of Tuurgin now properly raises auto attack damage.

– Shaman – You should no longer be able to be in patron form while you have a summoned attendant.

– Shaman – Removed the + spell damage from Skin of Rakurr and lowered the melee damage mod by 2%.


– Added harvesting tools to the General Goods Vendors.

– The outpost locations for the level ten crafting outpost quests have been changed for most starting cities.

– A few artificer and outfitter recipes that were missing from certain Thestran basic trainers have been added.

– Attuning dusts have been added to utility vendors.

– Outposts now give double the continental artisans faction of regular cities and towns.

– Outposts now give artisan faction for the city they trade heavily with (if any).

– Outposts now give normal city faction for doing work orders in an outpost that city trades heavily with. If you do enough work orders and gain enough faction with them, hostile cities may become more tolerant of you, allowing access to content inside the city.

– The outpost quest in each city now has directions to get there safely in addition to the already present waypoint.

– Some obsolete recipes have been removed from game.

– Erron in Leth Nurae will now properly switch your trade if asked.


– Players should find much less frustration parleying with Sylwen, Prince Dargand, Keyvan Minoo, Getzin the Gnome, and Hubert Ringsworth.

– “Dreamspeaker” now fails correctly when the timer runs out.

– Deck transmogrification continues.

– Some alterations to the Civic Diplomacy levers in many cities.

– There is now an alternate source of Diplomacy experience in the form of a group of soldiers that need your diplomatic skills! Speak with your local racial trainer to get the lowdown. This content is available only for players below 40 skill.


– Uvela should now properly direct players to the various shrines.

– Altered a roaming (potentially) KOS npc who would sometimes path near the corpse altar in Qa Riverbank.

– Fixed several NPCs that erroneously had Khal faction assigned to them

– Added increase to Upside Alliance for slaying Ksaravi Rat Men

– Decreased the amount of faction required to gain to become “Not Killed On Sight” in various starting areas and the few outposts that are hostile

– NPCs that drop coin will no longer do so at a 100% rate its still quite a high rate, but it was out of whack with other forms of money making

– Many outpost NPCs in Jalen’s Crossing are now on the Students of Lao’Jin faction, the students are much more understanding than other inhabitants of the continent

– Challenge Rating on many NPCs in the Ksaravi Gulch dungeon have been modified allowing more diverse groups of players to experience the content

– Entrepreneur Nargix setup his General Goods shop at the Tracker Camp within the Wildgrowth Forest.

– Increased the number of spawn points of Pod Tree Sprouts within the Wildgrowth Forest associated with the quest “What’s in the Pods?”

– Uvela now knows about how many wisp corpses are needed to repair the shrines

– Foruil Gladesworn now knows the location of the Imperial Poacher

– wildlife in the northern plains of Thestra is generaly slightly less dangerous now

– Verdant Lurkers are less likely to notice when their friends are being killed

– Verdant Lurkers are generally less dangerous people than they used to be

– the quest “Breaking The Mindbreaker” is now properly listed as Group

– Mihdi Khadim is now (appropriately) female.

– Martok – Put dot on the map for Port of Martok.

– Rindol Field – Some quests in Rindol Field were incorrectly marked as ‘Solo.’ They are now correctly marked as ‘Group.’

– The Ksaravi Hostage should no longer aggro surrounding mobs.

– Rindol Field – In the quest, “Take Back the Mill,” the waypoint to the Storehouse Mill has been updated.

– Tursh – Added a waypoint to Shimmerleaf Lake for the quest, “No Fish for Tursh.”

– Bind Stone Additions

– Additional bindstones added to the continent of Martok.

– Additional bindstones added to areas surrounding the Village of Three Rivers

– Bindstone added in the general vicinity of the Upside Defense Garrison on Skrilien Point

– Atlar added in the general vicinity of the Upside Defense Garrison on Skrilien Point

– The entrance to Kalendra’s Coven should no longer have bunched up mobs.

– Bindstones added to

– Hathor Zhi

– Tanvu

– outpost on side of island

– blighted land outpost

– Leth Nurae

– Northern Plains

– Hilsbury/Misthaven

– River Valley

– camp/tents outside the valley

– small village inside the valley

– Kurashasa area

– arena

– Qa Riverbank


– Fixed a bug causing the value of max expertise from one item to not show up in the Equipment Expertise tooltip.

~The Vanguard Team

Game Updates Febuary 01,2007

Welcome to Vanguard: Saga of Heroes!

You are now one of the first to witness the exciting, dangerous, and ever-changing world of Telon. Telon is a living world, and like any world its early days are going to be fraught with turbulence. Expect us to have to “patch” any cracks as they appear for the first days.

We know you are excited to explore the world we created for you, and we are equally excited to have you here. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the landscape… enjoy the freedom… of Vanguard.

Vanguard Patch Notes 2/1//2007 for build 1728


– The automatic defensive target self setting now saves.

– After death you will be immune to aggro. A 30 second timer will begin once you have moved. Beneficial skills will not cancel this effect.

– Updated multiple travel journal entries for Tursh.

– The Tursh bindstone has been moved to a more convenient location.

– Raian Vases no longer occur in mysterious pairs.

– A new quest is available at the north Neamsog bunker.

– The beginning of the Infineum quest line has seen significant alterations and polish; this should not break the quest for anyone that is currently on it.

– The runic consoles in the Ark of Harmony now port the group of the person that uses them, as originally intended.

– Numerous items have had their icon and descriptions corrected.

– Several Vendors that did not have their merchant list now have their items for sale!

– Bindstones have been added near: Tahean’s Vengeance; Veskal’s Exchange; Arlinora’s Retreat; Dark Horse Track; The Beacon of Hafeez al’Azzimat; and the Refugee Camp in Jharru Flats.

– Camels can now be purchased form the camel merchant starting at rank 2


– Bard – Song components will no longer automatically be added to the hotbar when you learn them, as you can’t use them from there anyway.

– Bard – The Bard Trainer in Tursh should now sell instruments like other bard trainers

– Bard – Swirl of the Tempest (all ranks) now display their floating damage numbers correctly.

– Dread Knight – Increased the aggro modifiers of your special attacks. They are now similar to the other tanks.

– Druid – Increased the damage of the earthen brute’s attacks.

– Druid-“Lighting Strike” (rank 3-5) and “Call Lighting” (all ranks) no longer display “Resisted” when they are actually hitting and doing damage. The abilities were functioning correctly, just the over the head combat text was incorrect.

– Rogue – You can no longer pickpocket any race.

– Sorcerer – Summoned rings are now unique, no drop, and no rent as intended

– Warrior – Fixed an issue with the Defensive Form quest in Lomshir. You should now be able to complete the quest and get your defensive form.

– Counter spells have had their refresh times reduced.

– Hit points have been increased for the Sorcerer, Druid, Necromancer, Psioncist and Bloodmage.

– Upper damage melee attacks and percent attacks have had their endurance costs reduced.

– Upper damage ranged (bow) attacks, percent attacks and AE attacks have had their endurance costs reduced.


– The outpost quest and outpost horse renting have been moved to crafting level 11 to match the changes to the tier quests and specialization quests.

– The amateur tier-directing quest now is granted at 11, not 10, to reflect the updated amateur tier quest.

– You now need to actually assemble the needle to finish the Ca’ial Brael outfitter training.

– Kef Jortul has been moved to a more accessible spot in the general area of Martok.

– Updated descriptions on 1 and 3 item work orders that said they gave a chance at a rare item.

– Made all crafted items bindable

– Fixed equip issues with crafted rings

– Fixed unrecognizable tool issues

– Ornate crossbow can no longer be equipped

– Work order supply pack reward values have been adjusted to give a little less cash items

– Repair Tools and the remedies that love them have finally decided on a name

– Modified XP progression some

– Mangled Tool is fixed

– Uneven Modification is fixed

– Weak Product’s description is fixed

– Stretched Fabric description is fixed

– Skipped Detail description is fixed

– Loose clamp description is fixed

– Odd shape description is fixed

– Careful Sculpting description is fixed

– Rindol Field Medal has been removed from work order reward tables


– Quest “Thinkers of the Thinkery” is available from Wizard Malkavar in Three River’s.

– There are now more brokers available who will accept crude and significant information. Arcana, Blackmail, Trends, and Plots brokers have been added to Namsoong and Dark Horse Down’s Racetrack. Arcana, Blackmail, and Trends brokers have been added to Tawar Galan. And a Blackmail Broker has been added to Tursh.


– Several NPCs in the Tainted Lands have had their spawn rate corrected.


-You will no longer need to confirm looting No Drop items on your own corpse.


– Rarities in the “Random for Magical” group loot option will now be colored and the names will match usage everywhere else.

– Item stats now display properly in the Loot Roll window.

– NPC attacks and spells will now display descriptions.

~The Vanguard Team

Game Updates Febuary 02,2007

Welcome to Vanguard: Saga of Heroes!

You are now one of the first to witness the exciting, dangerous, and ever-changing world of Telon. Telon is a living world, and like any world its early days are going to be fraught with turbulence. Expect us to have to “patch” any cracks as they appear for the first days.

We know you are excited to explore the world we created for you, and we are equally excited to have you here. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the landscape… enjoy the freedom… of Vanguard.

Vanguard Patch Notes 2/2/2007 for build 1733


– Enemies will no longer be tagged by damage over time spells and attacks after you have died.

– Enemies will no longer show as “aggro” as the result of damage over time spells and attacks after you have died.

– You will no longer gain or lose faction from an NPC your group killed if you’re not involved in the kill.

– You now receive an alert message each time you progress in ability learning for an ability, instead of only at the start and the end.

– Fixed a bug that was causing inflated PvP spell damage.

– Reenabled coin storage for banks. You can now drag and drop coin from your inventory into your bank. Note: Coin storage in banks is global, you may access your banked coin from any bank, not just the bank you deposited it in.


– Bard – Increased the movement modifier on Tynen’s Melody of Acceleration to 28%

– Bard – Decreased the movement modifier on Tynen’s Coda of Velocity to 3% from 5%

– Bard – Decreased the movement modifier on Tynen’s Strain of the Swift to 2% from 3%

– Druid – Star Mantle should now last three hits.

– Druid – Summon Ancient Colossus is now obtained at level 50

– Druid – Retooled the abilities on the Ancient and Elder Colossi.

– Necromancer – Adjusted the level at which Necromancers can obtain the Art of Death quest (Rest of the Dead) from Level 16 to Level 20. If you have previously completed this quest line and did not automatically learn Rest of the Dead, check your trainer and it should be available at level 20.

– Necromancer – Removed Claw of Stunning, Face of Fright and Face of Cowering from the game. If you had these items they will now show up as red circles with red strikes through them. Please delete these from your inventories. Sorry for the inconvenience.

– Necromancer – Renamed Poison Claw to be Poisonous Claw.

– Necromancer – Poisonous Claw should now be functioning

– Necromancer – Adjusted Poisonous Claw to the correct levels.

– Necromancer – Renamed Gouging Claw to Diseased Claw.

– Necromancer – Adjusted Diseased Claw to the correct levels.

– Necromancer – Diseased Claw should now be functioning

– Necromancer – Adjusted Sapping Claw to the correct levels.

– Necromancer – Sapping Claw should now be functioning

– Warrior – Most commands now have seconds durations rather than number of attacks or hits.


– Crafting Advisors have more information! If you need information on crafting, visit your local crafting advisor.

– Fixed issue with tin rune of strength that was preventing it from working properly

– Updated etching knives to be flagged as the proper tool type

– Updated improved saws to be flagged as proper tool type

– Fixed issue with some bags that were not allowing you to put certain items in them

– Reduced drop rate on orbs drastically

– Removed Ladle from tables as it is not used

– Fixed issue with some repair tools not being recognized

– Updated all adventuring light armor base AC values

– Improved saw now acts like a saw, not a chisel.

– Khal trainers should now have the novice grip recipe.

– Kojan and Ahgram now also have merchants that sell unusual or special crafting items.

– Sharon Whelson will now properly change your trade if you are not an outfitter.

– Increased crafting skill gain.

– Added crafting gear upgrade recipes to Outfitter instructors.

– Adding raw resources to work orders now give quality increase.

– Leth Nurae taskmasters now pause much longer in their routes around the crafting area.

– Boosted faction rewards for the following crafting quests: Arming the Shaletooth Tower, Shaletooth Armor, and Shaletooth Weaponry.


– “Sidestepping” is now a timed quest of ten minutes.

– Increase the Watch now gives an even better correct Accuracy buff.

– There are now Blackmail, Plots, Trends, and Arcana Informants in Tawar Galan, Qa Riverbank, and Dark Horse Downs for your Information trading needs!

– Ongoing deck fixes.

– Graag, Sassti, and Cassus now have a short leash – they want to kill varanthari, but not to the point that they’ll actually chase you across Lomshir.

– New Diplomacy quests added to Three Rivers.

– Janus Thunderaxe no longer thinks he has anything to do with newbie diplomats and should no longer offer any quests.

– The comedic troop, Three and a Half Fools, has made a stop in Three Rivers and has a few quests for curious diplomats.

– The Messenger Boots will now give the card “Well-Traveled Wisdom.” To get this card, right click the boots to put them on, and then right click them again to get the card. From then on, you can drag the item to and from your bag and retain the card. The card “Well-Traveled Wisdom” can only be played if you are wearing the boots.

– Coin values of Diplomacy clothing adjusted.

– Rarity values of Diplomacy clothing adjusted.

– There is now a safe path from the docks of New Targonor to the continent of Thestra. King Targonor Furth has agreed to open a corridor from the docks to the bridge to the mainland. Watchmen and Enforcers will allow ALL players to proceed. All House guards, and the King’s guard, will attack KOS races on sight.

– Martok – The bar fights and war drums have faded just enough for people to start talking again in the city of Martok. The civic diplomacy trainer is hooked up and ready to go in Martok as are the soldiers and crafters in the city. This will hit the Friday morning patch.

– Mekalia – The Gnomes have finally figured out what the upsiders call “Diplomacy” and have readily adopted the custom of doing what other people tell them to do. On Friday’s patch Civic Diplomacy will be ready in Mekalia for soldiers and crafters.

– Consequently, some gnome constables have grown confused as to what they should be doing: practicing swordplay, or talking about their feelings. The Downside is getting almost as confusing as the Upside these days.

– Information Brokers should now be asking for, and taking, the correct amount of information.

– The Civic Diplomacy Benefit “Right of Way” now is giving the right percentage of benefit.

– Clergy Civic Diplomacy now active in Tanvu.

– Academic Civic Diplomacy now active in Tanvu.

– Info loot drop rates adjusted.


– Rendjaw should now have the correct model

– Ants in the quest “Ants Underfoot” should correctly assist each other

– Luc Beou should now have a body (everyone needs one, after all)

– Dracosnap Hunters should now have the correct model

– Faction changes in the Coast of Ahgramun should now show the correct names

– Death text has been fixed for all Cult of Tauth supporters

– The Angoer Bunkers have had a speed tunnel installed.

– Pyromaw Cubs should now release their spiritual essence when defeated

– Bordinar’s Cleft – The Ridge Prowlers of Bordinar’s Cleft have had population adjustment to be much more in-line with player progression.

– Bordinar’s Cleft – Miner Youngsteel no longer speaks as if he is Miner Yulas in the quest “Ale For Grandir”

– Dahknarg – Adjusted aggro radii for several mobs on the road between Dahknarg and Halgarad.

– Dahknarg – Modified the Blood Howler Runner in Dahknarg. He’s now more focused on getting his messages to the Bloodhowler camp and less focused on chasing people down–that is unless you have lots of negative faction with the Bloodhowlers!

– Evendusk Fortress – Moved the death location for the area around Evendusk Fortress closer to Evendusk Fortress itself.

– House of Fallen Leaves – Mailbox added to House of Fallen Leaves

– Mekalia – Ranged Weapon Vendor added within the gates of Mekalia

– Mekalia – Quests missing coin reward have been corrected to award appropriate amounts of coin

– Missive Boards – Missives are now selectable by the player and players are able to accept multiple missives at a time for the level range

– Missive Boards – Missives are now affected by a minimum level and a maximum level, players outside the scope in either direction are inable to partake in them

– Missive Boards – The Missive Task, “Task for Three Rivers: Road to Bordinar’s Cleft” now completes in the field upon meeting the requirements

– Missive Boards – The Missive Task, “Task for Three Rivers: Greater Stonesmashers” is now working as intended

– New Targonor – The New Targonor guard plowed the road from their great castle through to Three Rivers… much, much safer to travel on now for players of all levels!

– Temple of Dailuk – Overland population layout has been redone and thinned out some to make it easier to take more than two steps.

– Temple of Dailuk – The missive boards now lets you choose which and how many missives you want, according to your level. This change will soon be coming to all missive boards.

– Temple of Dailuk – The Caverns of Noztgha population has been adjusted to be more suitable for trio groups, rather than requiring a full group.

– Temple of Dailuk – Several quests have been added to the residents of the beacons. Look for those quest bangs!

– Temple of Dailuk – Quest: Deciphering the Journal no longer requires you to return to Archaeologist Palpe Rengoa and now only requires one writing sample. Once you have the sample, you must right-click it in your inventory to complete the quest for further progression. If you are currently on this quest, you will need to abandon it and accept it again from Archaeologist Palpe Rengoa at the Beacon of Hafeez al’Azzimat.

– Temple of Dailuk – Adjusted the loot rewards for finishing quest line in Caverns of Noztgha.

– Temple of Dailuk – Nerksawl has even less depth perception with his one eye and will aggro players at a much lesser distance.

– Themnwar’s Shield – Greatly reduced the spawn rate of “Stonebane” at Themnwar’s Shield

– Tursh – Additional delivery quest added in Tursh to help direct solo players.

– Three Rivers – Signs added to the path from Three Rivers to New Targonor

– Three Rivers – Removed grotesque means of accomplishing the “Arms” quests in Three Rivers

– Three Rivers – The quest “Outlaws: Rewarding Our Heroes” has been fixed

– Three Rivers – Saps associated with Barsagal’s quest lines now stack in amounts equivalent (or greater) to amount required for completion

– Three Rivers – Chickens and Sheep no longer appear with white names within Three Rivers

– Three Rivers – Clusters of Draven’s Outlaws have been adjusted to be more solo / duo friendly

– Quests – “Corrupt Cyclopes” has had some minor changes primarily to help lead players to the correct completion NPC

– Quests – Minor text changes and Travel Journal Entries added to the following quests:

– Talons of Telon

– Dissention

– Stifling Supply Lines

– Assist the Primalist

– Prisoners of the Coven

– A Solemn Request

– What Are They Looking For

Bind Stones

– Added a bind stone near Jalen’s Crossing

– Added a bind stone near Autumnglow Outpost


– You will now be able to abandon a timed quest.


– You will now see a message when a VanguardPlayers image is taken.

– 22 new socials have been added. Type “/listcommands emote” for a list of all socials.

– Half Elf NPCs will now play half elf sounds instead of Kojani human sounds.

– Item links should now always show the correct stats and equipment expertise for the person viewing the item.

– Auto Coin Split now defaults to on for groups.

– You should now no longer be able to mail items and coin to yourself. This was always the intent. You can still mail items and coin to alts.

– Items can now be sent as cash on delivery through the mail system. On the receiving end, players will get a confirmation for the total amount to take the item that includes the cash on delivery cost and the shipping cost.

~The Vanguard Team-Radical

Well, it’s been coming for a long time, and here it is. Vanguard vs. LotR the final showdown. Which one should you buy, well; they both have their merits, let me break it down:


Sound has never mattered that much to me in an mmo, I usually play with the radio on and never really experience the sound, but I played with natural sound for the time I spent testing.


Vanguard has my personal preference for music. The music in Vanguard was well done. The music fit the region you were in, and fit very well. Sound really isn’t my area of expertise, but Vanguard, in my opinion, had the upper hand.


Not much I can say about LotR online. The music just wasn’t that strong, though I think it had a slight advantage in the combat effects but overall I wasn’t as impressed with LotR’s sound.


Overall I have to say that Vanguard pulls out a win here, LotR just didn’t feel all that strong in the sound department.


Both of these games went in completely different directions in terms of graphics.


Vanguard went big. With perhaps the best graphics ever seen in an mmo Vanguard did stand out, though without a good computer you may never see them. Vanguard did lack a bit of the visual punch and style that games like WoW has, but I still found the environments to be detailed and beautiful. The animations for the graphics all fall apart here unfortunately. The animations felt very 1.0 in terms of mmos. They didn’t feel as realistic as I had hoped for, the animations arn’t BAD, just not GOOD.


When people said LotR would be just like WoW, it actually was pretty spot on. Not exactly, but still there is resemblance, with just enough changed to feel new, yet still familiar. The graphics are a step up from WoW and I did find the regions to have a fair amount of personality. When I visited the hobbit starting town, the world did have a feeling of life. The animations were also a lot more charming then in Vangaurd. LotR can be played on less then top of the line pc’s, unlike Vanguard.


Its a tie. Vanguard is realistic yet stiff, while LotR is charming but perhaps a bit too WoW like graphics wise. If its down to graphics and you need to pick a game, unless you have a good graphics card (I think a GeForce 7800GT would be able to handle the game no problem, maybe something a little lower then that) I’d say go for LotR. If you care about game play, read on.

Game Play:

Game play is the last category, and the most important:


Vanguard has a lot of thing to do, not to mention see. Want to explore a vast world? Go for it. Want to build boats or something stupid like that? Whatever! The deep crafting, fun combat, fast-paced and challenging group experiences and the simple yet engaging diplomacy card game, Vanguard just has it all.


LotR lacks a lot of things. I don’t believe crafting is in, nor is monster play (monster play sounds interesting, but I don’t have high hopes) the combat is pretty much WoW’s combat, but the classes didn’t feel all that different at lower levels, that may have just been me. Regardless, LotR is average at best.

Vanguard wins. I just had a better experience overall with Vanguard, theres nothing else to be said.


If you like WoW but have just grown tired of it’s setting LotR is for you. It enhances many of WoW’s features, but still has a ways to go to offer anywhere near the content, I’d say just wait for a trial and see if its the game for you.

If you want something familiar, but loads of fun, Vanguard may just be for you. You need a good pc, but it is a fun game, and worth playing. I’d expect to see a trial of this soon, so you may want to wait for that to see if your pc will be up to the challenge. In a couple months the game should be polished, I plan on waiting till then.


Well, my old layout was causing me some problems, so I switched it up. New VG banner and everything!

Speaking of Vanguard, the latest 140ish mb patch dorpped last night, here are the notes:
Vanguard Build 01694 Patch Notes 1/19/2006

– NPCs that you have very low faction with (Kill on Sight) will no longer respond to hails, and will not act as merchants, trainers, or recipe trainers.
– Items on merchants will now display their true damage numbers.
– Balance: Fast weapons (daggers, hand wraps, etc) have had a significant damage increase.
– Balance: PC damage of time spells (DoTs) have had a significant boost in damage and cost.
– Balance: Direct damage spells have had their damage significantly increased across the board. This applies to all cast times.
– Balance: Challenge level 2 NPCs have had their damage growth rate slightly increased from level 10 upwards.
– Balance: NPC hit points have been adjust down for the different level blocks as part of combat speed tuning. All level ranges above 10 were affected by varying degrees.
– Staves – Many staff items have been updated to work now.
– NPC leashing has been modified to allow more flexibility to those fighting. When you are actively fighting an NPC it will have a much larger hard leash radius.

– Characters:

The races in Vanguard have new attribute bonuses!

Starting at level 10 characters start to gain racial attributes. The following table illustrates the attribute bonus attribute points that a character will receive. All characters receive one point in every attribute each level in addition to the bonus points.

Varanjar 1 2 0 0 1 0
Varanthari 2 1 0 0 1 0
Dwarf 0 3 0 0 1 0
Dark Elf 0 0 1 0 1 2
High Elf 0 0 0 0 3 1
Wood Elf 0 0 2 2 0 0
Gnome 0 1 0 0 0 3
Goblin 0 0 0 3 0 1
Half Elf 0 0 2 1 1 0
Lesser Giant 3 1 0 0 0 0
Halfling 0 0 3 0 1 0
Kojani 0 0 0 0 0 0
Mordebi 0 0 0 0 0 0
Qaliathari 0 0 0 0 0 0
Thestran 0 0 0 0 0 0
Kurashasa 0 2 0 0 0 2
Orc 2 2 0 0 0 0
Raki 0 0 1 2 0 1
Vulmane 1 0 1 0 2 0

In addition to the bonus points each race with the exception of the four human races (Kokani, Mordebi, Qaliathari and Thestran) earns 10 attribute customization points per level. The non-human races may spend up to 4 attribute points in each attribute per level. They do not all have to be spent at the same time. At level 11 a character could have spent 8 points total in any one attribute. The human races gain 14 attribute customization points per level and may spend 5 points in a single attribute per level.

There is no longer attribute gain associated with your class.

– Druid, Psionicists and Sorcerer damage over time spells (DoTs) have had their strength increased. The primary factor between class damage over time potential remains the number of Dots they have to stack and pets.
– Paladin, Warrior, Dread Knight, Ranger, Cleric, Sorcerer, Shaman – New particles and animations have been added.
– Bard – Cirel’s Counterpoint of Clarity is now available at level 50
– Bard – Energizing Embellishment is now available at level 18
– Bard – Cirel’s Soothing Substitution is now available at level 9
– Bard – Cirel’s Healing Harmony is now available at level 36
– Bard – Suann’s Entrancing Trill now lasts 9 seconds.
– Blood Mage – The Blood Mage has had the strength of his damage of time spells slightly increased.
– Blood Mage – Serak’s Mantle should now have the correct energy cost.
– Blood Mage – Recovering Burst should now be healing for the correct amount.
– Blood Mage – Added new ability line Reanimate at level 22
– Blood Mage – Summon Sanguine Shard now costs a little less health to cast
– Blood Mage – Mortal Calling now costs a little less health to cast
– Disciple – Chains should now require crits to happen.
– Dread Knight – Shadowy Veil now grants a run speed buff as well as invisibility
– Dread Knight – Moved weaknesses from Wrack to Malice.
– Dread Knight – Increased the flanking bonus from Malice.
– Disciple – Wisdom of the Grasshopper should work now, no matter what level you are.
– Disciple – Bonds now all have different icons
– Disciple – Adjusted the Resurrection spells. You should now get them at the correct levels and there is a difference between them.
– Monk – Aums should now teach you abilities as intended
– Monk – The North Wind chain should now actually trigger
– Monk – Storm Stride now has a 15 second refresh.
– Necromancer – While in undead form, most undead will ignore you as you are invisible to them. Undead that can see invisibility will see you and recognize that you do indeed have brains that they can eat. Brains, it’s what’s for dinner.
– Necromancer – Entomb is now called Soul Trap. It works exactly as it did, but no longer transforms its target into a spectral zombie.
– Paladin – Added the ability to exploit weaknesses to several of your abilities.
– Paladin – Increased the damage on both Hammer of Valus and Blade of Vol Anari since both are finishing attacks.
– Psionicist – Mirage now works correctly. Invis away!
– Psionicist – Psychic Schism will now deal damage as intended.
– Psionicist – New particles and animations have been added for many powers
– Ranger – Nature’s Guise has been moved to level 1
– Ranger – Lowered the cast time of Entangling Webs to 1 second, down from 2
– Ranger – Increased duration of Poison Shot
– Ranger – Cripple now lasts 15 seconds, up from 3 to 4 attacks.
– Ranger – Converted Barbshroud to the new damage system, you should notice damage and feedback changes
– Ranger – Lowered refresh time on Blade of Summer to 10 seconds, down from 30 seconds.
– Ranger – Lowered damage on Windsong
– Ranger – Added 60 second refresh to Windsong
– Ranger – Increased the chance consecutive hits will occur with Windsong
– Ranger – Added new ability line Fleetblade at level 22, it upgrades from there
– Ranger – Lowered the cost of Windsong to 10, down from 24
– Ranger – Grasp of Earth now has a solid duration with a % chance to break on hit.
– Ranger – Added new ability line Envenomed Blade at level 26
– Ranger – Added a flanking bonus to Blade of Summer.
– Ranger – Added Freeze. Please experiment with your abilities to find it.
– Ranger – Changed the icon for Cripple
– Ranger – Added Swelter. Please experiment with your abilities to find it.
– Ranger – Added Whisper of the Wind. Please experiment with your abilities to find it.
– Ranger – Removed refresh from Regress
– Shaman – Added the ability to exploit weaknesses to several of your abilities.
– Shaman – The Patron Spirit quest lines have been revamped for Tuurgin and Rakurr and are ready to go for all patrons. Any player who is having problems with their patron should reset their progress and start again. It even works now!
– Shaman – All Patron Spirit abilities including spiritwalk will now be stripped from your character when you complete the reset process.
– Warrior – Power Attack’s energy cost over time has increased.
– Warrior – All of your counter attacks are now free.
– Warrior – No versions of Brutal Strike can be used in Defensive form any longer.
– Warrior – Leap Attack now has proper costing
– Warrior – Fixed a naming conflict with Smash III and Smash IV. Previously Smash IV was named Smash III which conflicted with the name of Smash III which is Smash III. Smash III is still Smash III and the old Smash III that was actually Smash IV is no longer Smash III and has been renamed Smash IV. Now when you execute Smash III it will not try to launch Smash IV (because it used to be named Smash III).

– Added Ranged Accuracy, Damage, and Critical dusts to artificer work orders between 10 and 20 for new Bow/Crossbow
– Leth Nurae taskmasters pause longer while they’re walking around.
– A smelter has been added near the forge in Three Rivers.
– Issue with WOs giving wrong enhancements
– Removed utilities from tables that were not used by the trade
– Fixed description issue with some outfitter work orders
– Removed legacy toosl from work order reward tables
– Joining a crafting organization now gives you the proper title.
– Empty bag bug should be fixed now please post if you find anymore
– Inability to get work orders for some people we believe has been resolved please try a new character and see if you can reproduce the issue
– The Qalian Apprentice Outfitter recipe now takes stiff bundles.
– All basic and outpost recipe instructors have had their recipe listings cleaned up and polished with new recipes added to all.
– Added bow recipes to artificer instructors. Additional elemental choices can be obtained through quests.
– Reduced power of progress complications a bit
– Reduced hit points of complications a bit
– Should be able to fit all refined items in utility pouch
– Initiate Quest for Blacksmiths have the proper ingredient action in the recipe now.
– Crafting tutorial rewards have been updated.
– Lower level work order rewards have been increased in cash value.
– New Targonor and Bordinar’s Cleft taskmasters pause more often in their routes.
– Crafters above level 10 can rent horses for free from finishing taskmasters at cities and outposts to travel between them.
– Failing certain crafting faction quests now incurs a faction penalty.

Known Crafting Issues:
There is a known issue with Crafting Tutorial quests in all cities during the first time assembly phase. When you get to that part using a crafting table, the assembly recipe drop down is not populated. Logging out and back in will fix this issue. This affects all crafting spheres and should only happen to brand new crafters doing the tutorial.

– Wrap Up with the Heartsworn should now finish properly.
– Implemented quests in the following areas with cards as quest rewards. All require 40 skill and a variety of presence values: Martok, Tursh, Khal, and Ca’ial Brael
– The second half of “Undermine the Port Authority” in Khal should now be available with Rahebjah Sabet
– Renton Keep now has Civic Diplomacy levers. Enjoy.
– Renton Keep’s Civic levers have been adjusted to the proper Presence levels. Oh, and we gave them names, too.
– Bordinar’s Cleft Civic Lever – “Clergy Incite” is now working properly.
– Theindal, god of Beauty, found the cries of noobs who can’t do the horse quests to be ugly, so he has prevailed upon Kaerellun the Silver-Tongued to ease up on the difficulty. In other words, horse quests now have much easier decks to defeat.
– Tanvu human newbie line now has a wider selection of evaluations available to players.
– Tanvu half-elf line is ready for testing! Speak with Aran Riverbend in the house next to the House of Whispers.
– The Civic Diplomacy benefit “Lost Arcana” no longer spams casting and injury messages. It just quietly exists like the other cards you get through Civic.
– The tutorial has gotten another revamp, and should be complete-able by the vast majority of players. Please give it a shot and feedback to us.
– “Rallying the Students” in the Tursh newbie line can now be completed.
– Varanjar Newbie Line: Fixed quest that was open to everyone that shouldn’t be.
– Varanjar Newbie Line: End of the line reward now includes a prefix title!
– There are now more brokers available on all continents. And they will now buy both Crude and Significant information. Look for Plot Brokers in Bordinar’s Cleft, Khal, and Tanvu; Arcana Brokers in Ca’ial Brael, Mekalia, Hathor Zhi (and Leth Nurae of course); Blackmail Brokers in Halgarad, Hathor Zhi, and Martok; and Trends Brokers in Tawar Galan, Lomshir, Mekalia, and Rindol Field.
– Noble Gossip and Crafter Gossip now each grant a new Diplomacy card when they are activated in a city. These cards are “Grace and Courtesy” and “Crucible of Words.” Clever players will have to determine which card goes with which lever.
– A number of minor bug fixes with decks.
– There is now at least one Blackmail, Plots, Trends, and Arcana broker on each continent. They should all now take Crude Hearsay and Significant Hearsay.
– The first Civic Diplomacy Tutorial quest is now available in Tursh – speak with Stevvan Remniol in the center of the village. The only requirement for this tutorial is 40 Diplomacy skill. Most cities with a Diplomacy newbie experience will have this quest series soon!
– Icho Sho has awoken (again!) from his slumber and will agree to fight the Ulvari Dream Infiltrators in Harmonious Action.

– Players should no longer find hundreds of unattackable Vaelwyn Runners outside of Whitefawn Retreat.
– All of the Martok Islands have seen an itemization pass, excluding the Sacellum of Ghalnn.
– The following Thestran areas have seen an itemization pass: Vault of Heroes dungeon, all overland and dungeons within Veskal’s Exchange and some Kaon’s Rush overland NPCs
– Most Kojanese Weapons and Shields should be sporting new models now; as a result, the forums will now be sporting arguments as to whether size really does matter.
– Right-click abilities on Greatstaffs and Wands should all be fixed; Focus items, which do not have the dmg/dly that Wands do, are still in flux. Yes, it is confusing, which is why they are “in flux.”
– World Loot drop percentages have been slightly increased in the level 11-25 range.
– The following areas have seen an itemization pass: Leth Nurae, Dahknarg, Cave of the Urugog and Broken Fang Slave Camp
– Podlings and Toxitors in Caverns of Noztgha have had their difficulty adjusted.
– The missive quests that require you to kill a set number of NPCs, but were not allowing players to turn in, should now automatically complete the quest when you kill the last required NPC. If you are already on one of these quests, you will need to abandon and restart it.
– Hafeez al’Azzimat is looking for brave adventurers to enter the Haekemish Excavation mines and face the source of the caravan attackers. He is not looking for anyone but those who prove capable. Are you worthy enough? Note: The Haekemish Excavation mines is a full group dungeon for levels 10-15. Speak to Hafeez in Temple of Dailuk at the Beacon of Hafeez al’Azzimat.
– The following areas have received an itemization pass: Ra’Jin Stronghold, Magi Hold, Wailing Wind Asylum, Tomb of Lord Tsang and the overland content in those chunks.
– Additional delivery quests have been added throughout Qalia and Thestra.
– The Razing Beetle Carapace should now sell for a nice chunk of change.
– Adjusted the location at which you port into the ‘Utaalk’ portal (Ouellette of Ulvari Master Xaoxin) in Riftseeker’s Torrent. Please bug it if you are still ported into Maplelynn Wood.
– General: Fixed over 125 stuck NPCs in Leth Nurae, Dahknarg and Halgarad
– Dahknarg: Prove Your Strength – This quest will no longer complete automatically.
– Dahknarg: Proving Clan Devotion – You should now get credit for killing Gnakel
– Dahnkarg: Proving Clan Devotion – Corrected the Journal location of the Bloodhowler Prisoner (Gnakel)
– Dahknarg: Paint – Increased the number of Kalou plant spawns
– Halgarad: Fixed directions in quest: Defensive Stance: The Runt of the Litter” and the travel journal entry that wasn’t showing up
– Halgarad: The bug causing Hillshadow to never respawn after being killed has been fixed. He will now respawn fairly rapidly after being killed.
– Halgarad: King Rotham in the quest, “Trial of Courage” had been incorrectly flagged as a non-attackable Town NPC. This has been corrected and you can now kill him.
– Halgarad: King Rotham in the quest, “Trial of Courage” has been set to spawn for the individual/group that spawns him ONLY. This is to prevent griefing.
– Jharru Flats: A new level 12-15 mini-dungeon: Karrus Fahrel is open in Jharru Flats
– Karibasa Village: Nahina Sabbari of Karibasa Village should no longer appear on the top of the canopy.
– Khal: Nillia Janeth in Khal (Wayfarer’s Embassy) should no longer appear without forearms or feet. The surgery was a success!
– Leth Nurae: Fixed several broken travel journal entries and cleaned up some newer quests in the area.
– Leth Nurae: The quest, “Dance of Lights” is now fixed so that you actually get to keep the lantern when she says “Keep it”.
– Leth Nurae: Fixed drop of “Intact Bear Femur” on quest “Making Beautiful Music” – should only get 1 now.
– Leth Nurae: Fixed broken TJE for “Malatuar the Cannibal”
– Leth Nurae: Removed the Quest “Quickfinger” from Ranger Shyath since Quickfinger has no quests to give and he wants to complete Shyath’s quests
– Leth Nurae: Fixed broken TJE for “Into the Den”
– Leth Nurae: Fixed the appearance of the “Corrupted Elf Sorcerer”. He’s no longer a disembodied head with arms
– Leth Nurae: Seriously retooled the spawn times on numerous intro-level NPCs in Leth Nurae (needed to be drastically reduced). Getting through quests in the starting areas should be a lot smoother now
– Leth Nurae: Added TJE and brought quest directions/instructions up to standards for a number of quests in Leth Nurae
– Martok: All quests within Martok have been appropriately itemized.
– Martok: Leash range for denizens within the Gardens of Xia’Liu has been increased.
– Martok: Respawn time for denizens within the Gardens of Xia’Liu has been increased.
– Martok: Added Laxx Harbixk, a ranged weapon vendor to the main city of Martok.
– Martok: Zelka Harbixk at Grimsea Watch decided to hang up her weapon vendor hat and sell general goods once again
– Martok: Mailboxes have been added to Veenax Garrison, Gaxston Village, Gwarn’s Boundary, Khenvor, and Gulkar’s Encampment
– Tanvu: Fixed Quest: “The Sick Recruit” in Kojan. Now Elder Berry bushes should drop Elder Berries and not Infected Blood.
– Tanvu: The quest, “The Sick Recruit” has been re-tooled. In order to clarify what needs to be done, the quest has been split in to three parts. This means that if you are attempting to finish this quest, you will need to abandon it and re-take it after this patch. If you don’t abandon it and re-take it, it will appear to be broken when it is, in fact, working just fine.
– Temple of Dailuk: Overland population in Temple of Dailuk has been adjusted so it does not look like a warzone. Certain NPCs will now fight back if attacked by other NPCs.
– Temple of Dailuk: The missives board in Temple of Dailuk should now be working properly. You will find this missive board just out front of the tower at the Beacon of Hafeez al’Azzimat. Note: These tasks are for players level 8 to 16 for the Temple of Dailuk chunk, though players over level 16 may still receive the higher end tasks.
– Temple of Dailuk: A few more quests have been added to the low end tasks on the Temple of Dailuk missives board.
– Temple of Dailuk: Added sign posts to the crossroads in Temple of Dailuk chunk
– Ulvari: The final stage of the quest, “Weapons of Tsang: Unlocking the Power Within” has been fixed. Apparently players were unable to interact with the final object required to enable the last upgrade of their weapon. This has been corrected.

– The following areas have received a faction pass:
– Dargun’s Tomb
– Leth Nurae, all surrounding camps, all surrounding dungeons
– Veskals Exchange, all surrounding camps, all surrounding dungeons
– Fallen Lyceum, all surrounding outposts, all surrounding camps
– Vault of Heroes, outposts, all surrounding camps
– KoS to player race factions are still not turned on for these, but you can begin earning faction now. Please report any strange NPC behavior

– Light Armor rewards on the following quests have been tweaked
– Infiltrating the Rats
– Port Authority Documentation
– Soldier Rescue
– Ksaravi Kidnappers
– Goods of Raia
– Village Scouting
– Aukfruit Shamblers
– Aukfruit Lure

Bug Fixes:
– Players should now get quest credit for killing exhausted brilliant oasis wisps.
– Players should no longer have trouble figuring out which skeletons to kill in Trengal Keep.
– Deli Jahanpur should now have something to say.
– Players should now be able to find Rusten’s Locket and Soul’s Essences in the Rindol Storehouse.

– ‘C’ should now open/close the character sheet even if you changed to a different tab.
– Racial attributes are now visible as part of character creation.

– A profanity filter has been added. It defaults to ON. You can turn it off via the Settings window, Interface tab.
– Fix for incorrect class abbreviations coloring green in item examine popups. For example, BER will no longer light up for Psionicists.

~The Vanguard Team