June 2, 2007

Well, it sure is good to be back! I was moving last week, finally got my Internet up (I won’t go into details on how bloody long it took…) but regardless. A world without Internet is an odd one though, I can’t just Google a problem, I really had to use my head. I’ve only been playing old RPGs that I found on my system (Well, they aren’t ANCIENT but old nonetheless.) Arcanum, Fallout, Bauldr’s Gate, etc. It has been fun, but now I need to get back into my online games (Woop!)

To my surprise, two betas were ready for me upon my return, Fury and Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn. I’m going to be playing Fury this weekend and will report my findings. As for UO, I always wanted to play this game as a child, but no card = no fun and I couldn’t find a pay to play card (Did they even have these?) Now, after all these years, UO is finally getting a paint job, and I welcome it. I never got to play the game of old; this should be a great time to start.

I am amazed it is already done though; it seems like only a few months ago they announced their plan to revamp it, and now it’s already in beta, time sure flies….