A Post Full of FUN!

February 25, 2007

Lots to talk about today:


Not word yet, expecting it to go out next week.

Granado Espada:  

Having problems getting it running, so I am yet to play it.

Dungeon Runners: 

Just got into the beta, yet to play it.


I made an entery for a  Gaming World event called ALEX. Its a short rpg featurning the works of 29 extremely talented individuals. Well, words from the event organizer himself:

ALEX : A Two Days Collaborative Game, ALEX, or A.L.E.X for short from now on, since the full title is a hell of a mouthful, is a lot of things. (download at the bottom)

It is the final part of a collaborative epic that at its’ conclusion will be at least 2 days in the making. It is GW’s magnum opus, our greatest achievement as game makers and is a farewell letter to the game making community. It is the product of the hard work of not just myself, but a team of 29 extremely talented individuals. It will also, I hope, be the first truly great RM2K3 game, the first ‘killer app’ for the engine. My hopes for the project are obscenely high, my ambitions huge. It is the culmination of all what we’ve been working for in 2 days. And with any luck, it’ll be a lot of fun!

Check it out:


NOTE: In my entry I had a small math error, use 8648 insted of what it really is.


I’ve been enjoying my time back with WoW. Currently a level 22 BE mage on the Blood Furnace server.