Our Compliments Classes

May 8, 2007

Our Compliments Classes

After playing LOTRO for the last few days, the only thing that REALLY bugs me is that the classes feel bland. Perhaps it’s the lack of magic that is keeping it down, but they all feel so generic. Warrior, ranger, mage, priest, etc. etc. They have a bit of sugar coating, but really, lore master is just a mage with some careful wordplay and ideas, nothing REALLY is different. The same goes for the Minstrel, change some words and effects, you got a different class that fits with lore.

I guess it isn’t that the classes are bad, just very by-the-book. Nothing too spectacular, I guess I was just hoping for the classes to stand out more. This makes it very hard to pick a class; usually I can pick the class that feels right for me in a few minutes. With LOTRO I just pick something and play, if I like it I like it, If I don’t, I don’t. This was probably the main reason I hesitated on picking up the game, I wasn’t sure what I would play. My most recent exploits do include a Hobbit Burglar and a Human Champion.

I didn’t mind the Hobbit, but stealth classes have never been my strong suit. If anything, it was the Hobbit starting area that drove me to insanity. It was fun at first, with many fun and interesting quests like hide and seek and delivering mail, but…. After awhile it got tedious, and I was begging for something to kill. I know there are quests that require me to kill stuff, but I would have needed the traits. I didn’t really want to do all the quests or move to another area because I didn’t really like the class, so that was the end of that.

Next up was Champion, my new favorite class. It’s basically a berserker, strong, fast and reckless I end up taking more damage from a monster, but I end them so fast it makes up the difference. I find dual wielding swords works best, as they get +hit, which is nice for a fast attacking character when every hit counts.

(NOTE: Our Complements is a generic food brand, I know we have it here in Ontario, I’m not sure about the rest of the world)


One Response to “Our Compliments Classes”

  1. Mike said

    I’d be happy to find a way to turn off the opening movies. In Windows XP you just hit ESC but Windows Vista totally ignores that so every time I play on my Vista box I have several minutes to waste waiting for those darned films to end!

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