Lost in Translation

May 5, 2007

Lost in Translation

After some careful thought, I’m going to stop doing the “LOTRO Log.” Well, stop calling it that. I’m not doing day-to-day updates on every shit I take, I just feel like talking more about the general feel of things in the game. That’s all really.

*Back to our regular scheduled programming*

After finally warping out of the “Beginner Area” I set off on my valiant journey today. By beginner area I am of course referring to where the game dumps you after the opening instance tutorial. In this area you are pretty much cut-off from the rest of the game world. I’m not sure whether or not I like this system. It’s hard to form an opinion on something so trivial, but I know I have one, DEAP DOWN inside of me.

This is beside the point though; I am still enjoying my Guardian. He dispatches mobs with relative ease, probably faster than my Minstrel at this level (I imagine this wouldn’t change, even if both characters were at 50, I could be wrong though.) Anyways, just walking through the fields (Of snow : /) and enjoying the flurry of snowflakes flying across my screen is a rather impressive experience. Unlike ye-old “White balls” raining down from the sky, these are fully formed, realistic, snowflakes (What a world we live in. And yes, I did just write a paragraph about how awesome the show is in LOTRO keke.)

I did run across a “Riddle quest” I suppose you could call it. I had to go find some gears to open a door for some guy, or something silly like that. Anyways, upon finding the first chest (He told me where this one was) I received the gear, and a piece of paper, with a riddle on it. “Oh fuck,” I thought to myself, “I suck at riddles.” And it’s true, I do, I probably couldn’t riddle my way out of a paper bag (Actually, I usually just don’t give enough of a shit to figure these things out. When I AM in the mood, I am fairly good at “Teh puzzlin’.”

On the other hand, I think puzzles and riddles are great in online games. If they are especially hard, people will band together in a team effort to solve them (I call it the “Myst Effect.”) I guess Myst online is all about that, which is actually a pretty good idea in retrospect. Without combat of some kind, I would probably loose interest fairly fast, I guess that is just the way I roll. Back on topic though, if a game had a lot of “skill testing” (Not REALLY hard, they just require more than a passing glance to solve) quests, if would be fairly easy to find the “sheep” as I call them. The stupid people, that can’t do anyways for themselves and require a website like thottbot or allakhazam to figure it out. They aren’t all bad people, but the people who require these websites to “Find the inn” or some shit usually need to be weeded out.

Another thing I have been thinking about lately are games from overseas. Korea, Japan or really…. Asia as a whole seems to be much different from what I am used to, but all the actual MMOs from Asia are the same, Hrm. Well, before I continue let me tell you have this all came about. I was doing some research on freeservers lately (Servers hosted not by the company that developed the game that are available to be played for free, not a bad idea.) In the process of doing so I thought I would check up on the Lineage ][ freeserver I once played on, and I got to thinking “Lineage ][ really wasn’t for me, it had far too much grinding…. Like most Asian MMORPGs.” Golly, I suppose you learn something every day. I suppose in Asia, people are much easily entertained. I don’t think Americans (or Canadians in my case. Europeans for that matter) are too demanding. We just want a fun MMO, that is all. Hell, people still bitch in masses for SWG to be brought back, which is an old game that has since died (In my eyes at least.) But lets not start bashing SOE now, I need sleep :D.

Translating a game from an Asian market to an American market would be a daunting task. Considering the basic game play of these Asian games in considered boring and inferior by most here, mostly because the games lack depth. Not to mention the actual language translation, oh god. Only the larges of budget Asian games get good translations (You would think, considering most of these games like to boast millions of people already playing the game in Asia they would get better translations. Oh wait, I guess they are free games they couldn’t be making a mint, perhaps I’m just too demanding.)

Asia is just plain different. When I watch dubbed anime, compared to the subbed stuff with Japanese voices, it’s just plain terrible! Urg, it may not even be the fact that the voice actors suck, the lines just sound so much more normal in Japanese, the translated version sounds pretty stupid. With the subs they still speak Japanese you just know what they’re saying. Does it make it any less stupid? Probably not, but it sounds much more natural.

Now then, I need some god damn sleep : /.

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