Lord of the Rings Online: Day 1 and Other Things!

May 3, 2007

So, I decided to pick up LOTRO seeing as I have been needing some MMO in my system, anyways, here are my feeling from the first day:

Shadows of Angmar

Day 1:

Well, it was a long day. Back with the groceries and damn, am I tired (It’s seven floors worth of stairs and elevators are for the weak. Get off my back.) I’ve done some research and I’m planning on rolling a Minstrel on the Gladden server (For a number of reasons, mistrals are apparently of shot supply on this server, and I feel like rolling one, so hey :] ) So it’s time to start, luckily I got the DVD copy of the game (Assuming they do make a CD version) because there is no damn way I would wait around to get that 8 or so disk install done (Takes 2 DVDs for this friggin’ game, sheesh.) Anyways, the installation was clean and the account setup was smooth as silk, probably the best I have ever seen. They had a host of payment options because, much like World of Warcraft, I assume they want people who wouldn’t generally be able to play an MMO (No credit card for instance) play it. Now I wait :[.

And then it was done! So, time to boot it up and then…. God damn…. Stupid updates…. More waiting, Yahoo! ^___^. Anyways, the updater notifies you when it’s done, so go play some flash games to kill a few seconds, but now it’s done!

Anyways, after configuring my firewall (>__>) and updating my GFX card drivers (I always thought they updated themselves, I dunno why, but I did.) Anyways, I had to make a character first off, with a choice of: Man, Elf, Hobbit and Dwarf. I went with Man, it was down to Elf or Man, but I can’t stand elves so Man it is! Yeah, Man has –8 to the mana stat (Or whatever they call it in LOTRO) but it isn’t a big deal for me, even though I am rolling a mana-dependant character.

Anyways, I started off in some form of jail, seems I had been captured! Well, boo. And, of course when I magically escaped from the prison (I was playing with the options so I didn’t see what happened then, I think there was some story behind how the door opens and shit, but meh.) Anyways, I had to go rescue sum Hobbits, perfect, that’s all my day needs! Damn Hobbits need to help themselves! Though, to progress the quest I didn’t have a choice so off I went. The combat is pretty much Warcraft, Everquest or Lineage not much innovation in the respect, I wasn’t expecting much though.

Anyways, after kicking some ass and taking some names I arrived at a gate with my Hobbit friends. The ranger/warrior/whatever guy I met at the beginning of the game was about to get his ass kicked by a Wring Wraith, get the popcorn : ]. Seriously though, the mood this scene set was amazing. With flashes of the Dark Lords Eye-thing on the screen and all the fire/swirling darkness it really set the mood for the game. It set aside my fears of the game being boring. I think turbine is aiming for a very “cinematic” game, and they have succeeded in my eyes.

After this bit of fun I was taken to town, the ranger/warrior guy was injured my the morgul(??) blade and sent me off on some walking quests, the actual fighting and delivery quests were from the other villagers, the side-quests if you will. The main quest line in this starting area was pretty much go to person, develop story and repeat, though I was interested enough in what was happening that it didn’t put me to sleep, a good sign.

Anyways, after I took the main quest line as far as I could I was sent into another instanced mission. This time the bandits that had been ravaging the countryside were attacking the town, and I had to step up in its defense (naturally.) Anywyas, more cool scenes, I won’t share any details, but it was fun and the boss fight was reasonably challenging for a single person, but I was fine.

So far, LOTRO seems like a great alternative to WoW in ever respect. The graphics are a nice change and the combat is sticking to a known formula. The epic feel they were aiming for, in my opinion, was achieved and I wish Turbine the best of luck.

Anyways, that is about all I have to say for now. What will make or break this game is how well Turbine handles the problems people have with the game. If I may use an example: People were bitching about farming being a moneysink, so it gets a review. Seems like good service to me ^__^. Anyways, as long as they don’t let theit heads get too far up their own asses and listed to the players, they’ll be fine!



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